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“ARE YOU READY TO GET FIT STRONG AND MOTIVATED” Welcome TO LEADERS FITNESS. The Modern Equipped Gym dedicated in creating a strong community in Kerala that believes in health and fitness, which is affordable and accessible to everyone, Beginners are welcome to learn basic appropriate structure and strategy from skilled trainers with professional and beginner experience. We make sure our gym is clean and welcoming. Our customers flourish, and our mentors can develop fun and dynamic exercises that emphasize teamwork and participation.

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LEADERS FITNESS CLUB is providing flexible memberships options. Our gym being the second home for our customers they can feel a friendly atmosphere with modern and spacious environment as one third of our members are first-time gym users who are just starting on their health and fitness journey. We want to make sure everybody has an affordable and welcoming gym, with certified trainers.

Leaders Fitness Club Now Open!

We are now open and we’re very excited to welcome all Gym goers. If you haven’t already, come down and check out the largest gym in Kannur.

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We are now open and we’re very excited to welcome all Gym goers. If you haven’t already, come down and check out the largest gym in Kannur.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. You will agree on the course cost and payment schedule before completing the registration process. The payment schedule must be adhered to and all payments must be made on time.

  2. It is mandatory that the installment must be cleared by the 10th of every month., failure for this will cause a penalty of 15 BHD.

  3. Prior to the start of the Theory/Practical Sessions, the first instalment of 250 BHD must be paid.

  4. All submissions and payments must be completed within four months of the start of the course. There is a one-month extension for completing all submissions and payments. Any delay will be charged to the student’s account as an extension fee of 50 BHD.

  5. There will be a transfer fee of 30 BHD if a student wishes to transfer to the practical sessions of an upcoming batch.

  6. A fee of  BHD 50 will be charged for changing exam dates after they have been issued.
    Payments made once are non-refundable.

  7. It is mandatory for learners to attend all live online theory sessions scheduled by the academy on weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

  8. Course coordinators must be notified at least one hour in advance if a student will be late or absent. The learner is responsible for catching up on any material missed.

  9. The course fee includes access to E-Manuals, Practical Sessions, Learner Assessment Packs, and Theory & Practical Assessments.

  10. In case of outstanding payments, students will not be allowed to attend the Final Assessment.